Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 you must learn how to match socks, let yourself become young

[Abstract] 2015 is to rely on sock set eye-catching! Soft three socks of girls must look a lift, give you immediately the overall shape of age, come take a look!

Want rich a child's lovely and lively, but without losing the fashion style of dressing, but not feel anything? Answer, of course, is cute and chic patterned prints, geometric patterns, Candy-colored lace and so on all kinds of socks! Vowing to Tong flavor flourish! With most popular backpack and thick-soled shoes and sock matching shapes will be your best MoE!

Platform shoes are most suitable for socks to match the skill of the item, you can choose to take colored lace, stockings. In color of choice, if the sock is a single color to color, wants fresh and select the same color as the shoes as a whole.

When you have a full-length black + nude, overall is adding some bright colors when ladies styles, revealing a pink bud stockings cute and playful. Both pink and black and white are a good fit, in accordance with your shoe color uniform color choices!

"Flat Sandals + color socks"

The coming of spring, want to wear sandals, but some early? A pair of socks can enhance the sense of warmth and can sell quietly sprouting, age effect is very good, fast feeling to wear it!