Friday, February 28, 2014

Aeration Jordan income of up to 90 million

According to the Forbes website reported that Michael Jordan in personal income was estimated at about US $90 million in 2013, higher than any one player, also surpassed the highest income record of his players (his income for the 1997-98 season US $80 million).

“After all, his name is the brand, so he deserves more money.” Picciotto said in an interview, President of Octagon, “Michael Jordan is the perfect athlete.”

In 2013, once 2 pairs of basketball shoes are sale in the United States, there is one pairs of the Jordan Brand, which brand of basketball shoes occupy 92% in the United States market share.

Even he has retired for many years, Jordan’s influence is still very large. In 2013, according to the ESPN, the magazine music edition statistics, 50 of America’s song mentioned Jordan, referring to Bryant’s only 18, and Lebron is 15. In the ESPN poll in 2013, Jordan was selected from the most popular athletes, for the 4.2 of votes. Jordan has 25 million fans at Facebook, his fans are the most in all American athlete.