Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cheap Nike Marxman For Sale

Nike first half of 2016 will bring a new pair of shoes called Nike Marxman. From the appearance point of view, much like with the Nike Air Mag, uses no lace design, by the upper straps to the fixed effect. Could be described as a civilian version of the Mag, there are 3 color appearance, more information and we will continue to monitor.

Nike Air Foamposite One Northern Lights

NSW this year added a quality Foamposites all-star Style, Mirror mirror-injection stunning performance last year, North of Aurora as the theme of this year, bringing the Nike Air Foamposite One "Northern Lights" to fit in Canada Toronto 2016 NBA All Star all Star weekend, to gorgeous effect of light background rendering out the northern lights, Outside the collar and the black at the end of building, detail 3M reflective element into the highlights of the highlights, so many color Cheap Foamposites One Pro sale online wholesale with discount price.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Air Jordan 1.5 Bred

Bred red and Air Jordan 1.5 shoes The Return landing, brought in classic Chicago Bulls red dress at the same time, for this Air Air Jordan 1.5 Jordan and Michael Jordan startups has an important contribution to the cause of transition brings 3rd quality color shoes on sale. Used with red and Air Jordan 1 "Bred" exactly the same shoe, have exactly the same visual experience on November 21 release, great black boots, definitely worth attention!

Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red

Fire Red classic white-and-red dress will reproduce the Air Jordan 5 shoes in 2016, Jordan Brand will bring a variety of low version of the Air Jordan 5 Low except Dunk dunk color schemes From Above leap outside and Alternate 90 black red color scheme, Air Jordan 5 Low "Fire Red" will also go on sale on March 12. This white red Air Jordan 5 Low "Fire Red" 's last appearance was in 2007, this time again, familiar white-and-Red energy, and white leather shoes are complemented by black dress, red dotted black mid sole laccolith, plus lined red tray liner, eye-catching index remains low.

Air Jordan 5 OG 90

Air Jordan 5 black suede color on the network exposure, the 2016 Sample samples presented in familiar black and silver dress, black shoes as a whole, with a classic silver grey 3M tongue, mid sole with silver ink up into very delicate feel. Apart from reproduction of a classic Air Jordan 5 black and silver dress, top priority, of course, was followed by a white Nike Air embroidered, in 4 and 6 shoes-Nike Air followed by revival back at the same time, 5 shoes-how can absence? Classic Metallic Silver dress reproduction Air Jordan 5 shoes, heels Nike Air vintage performance brings us plenty of surprises!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Katy Perry United States Gala touted Googling the brand

[Abstract] 49th United States Spring Festival evening show "Super Bowl", the fruit sister Katy Perry four set of Drama Queen costume from the hands of close friend Jeremy Scott. Jeremy whimsical tone, were in tune with sister fruits of ghost horse Reiki.

Look 1: Queen of fire

The Roar, with its high degree of Sung, as the opening track suits. But "I am King, you'll hear me ROAR" for a Super Bowl warm-up, sister Katy Perry tallies fruit (Katy Perry) personality. Combined with the Roar of this untamed, our fruit sister riding his giant metal shiny Cheetah, with a "burning" flame also bombed our eyeballs.

Jeremy-seeker (Jeremy Scott) said: "in fact, we make the clothes to a NFL evaluation, it is ultimately their decision. My first thought was this flame dress, inspired by my flame shoes adidas design before, I want to get the wings, but Katie likes to flame. ”

Look 2: Miss retro

Bra and skirt is the most classic retro poster girl, sister fruit shapes. Removed "flame packs", is hiding under the Teenage Dream ' and ' California Gurls ' preparation of colorful "beach ball". Jeremy Scott explained that this costume was inspired to start in California beach-a beach ball, the reason is very simple, sing song is this? Sun, beach, boy, girl ... ... Stage design is a small island, Palm trees, beaches, sharks, so direct, so fruit sister dressed like beach balls are not surprising, and dressed "balls" and as an added benefit: particularly rounded chest line ever?!

Look 3: hip hop boom
According to Jeremy Scott said costumes only 3 sets in total, however, under his proposal, so one more "49th hoodies", 49th, the implication is the 49th Super Bowl this year. Fruit sister wearing "hoodies, 49th" and Missy-Elliot (Missy Elliot) to sing on the same stage, as Jeremy Scott's concerns, can't wear a beach ball to hip-hop, right? Painting style is less as a whole, or for a bling bling Hoodie fit at all, a little wave movement, returning to the ancient atmosphere, so merging in music is the look.

Look 4: goddess of light

End is the climax, Katy wore a pair of all stars and silver gown. This challenge Katy was not wearing clothes to walk the red carpet, but to fly, so cleverly tied her in aircraft, also sexy bare legs. Of course, Katie Holmes has peacefully on a pop fly, she looks like a night sky kinds of glittering goddesses, paired with colorful balloons and fireworks in the sky of the Earth, beautiful blooms. Sang inspirational inspirational goddess Divine Comedy the Firework is taken for granted.

Brand story
Fruit sister eye-opening Drama Queen exclusive clothing, you should for Designer Jeremy Scott's style had made a strong impression. That's right, Jeremy Scott design is so absurd that happy feeling.

Said famous you may, 1992, Jeremy Scott, entering New York Pratt Institute to study fashion design, 1999 by CDFA nominated for best young designers. In 2002, Jeremy Scott, back to the United States in Los Angeles. His design talent has been many pop stars and brands of all ages. He used to like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kanye West in international cooperation, as well as Adidas, Linda Farrow, Longchamp, Swatch brand design. In 2013, Jeremy Scott, was appointed Creative Director of Moschino. This appointment follows the brand's DNA, as Jeremy Scott is more than just an eclectic contemporary communicators, more important is his ability to reinterpret Moschino essence and personality.

Fruit sister Katy Perry and designer Jeremy Scott is the circle of famous girlfriends, wear your best friend's design is a must. As early as the 2010 MTV awards ceremony, Katie is wearing this sparkling red dress. The bold figures, sawtooth hem, and side styles equally strong husband, as inconspicuous as difficult!

2011 MTV awards ceremony, Katie chose Jeremy Scott designs. This time she was sweet candy wind: rivets, pink jacket, pink printed skirt, pink, thick heels, coupled with the pink hair, these types to elements not in the fruit I got a harmonious unity. And perhaps this is the fashion icon of charisma.

Moschino autumn/winter 2014 venue, finale curtain call is none other than designer Jeremy Scott's close friend Katy Perry. Although not here, but the fruit her momentum almost supermodel. This retro black gold dress upper body, fruits I like is the best interpreter of Moschino autumn/winter 2014.

Believe fruits sister fans should be in 2014 The Prismatic world tour impressed on this garment. Relationship between Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott is not good, so when that Katy will hold a concert, Moschino also noises in her tailor made laugh costume, coupled with a bright green wig and immediate dissemination of youthful vigor.

1.MARIA ESCOT é flame print knit dress: jealous of Katy fire suit? This MARIA ESCOT e flame print dress will be the best alternative.

2.Moschino Cheap and Chic coat with purple Gold: fruit sister practice tells us that Bra can be fashionable. This is not, this Moschino line gold tube top, that will get you a second variable group focus.
Mosaic Moon dress

3.Chicnova digital printing: digital printing is not unusual, figures and flowers immediately to grandiose.

4.Bellville Sassoon stars sequin decorative blue tulle fishtail skirt: at this Bellville Sassoon on the dress, silent deep blue night sky lit by stars. Wear it, turned the most beautiful goddess of the stars under the moonlight.

2015 you must learn how to match socks, let yourself become young

[Abstract] 2015 is to rely on sock set eye-catching! Soft three socks of girls must look a lift, give you immediately the overall shape of age, come take a look!

Want rich a child's lovely and lively, but without losing the fashion style of dressing, but not feel anything? Answer, of course, is cute and chic patterned prints, geometric patterns, Candy-colored lace and so on all kinds of socks! Vowing to Tong flavor flourish! With most popular backpack and thick-soled shoes and sock matching shapes will be your best MoE!

Platform shoes are most suitable for socks to match the skill of the item, you can choose to take colored lace, stockings. In color of choice, if the sock is a single color to color, wants fresh and select the same color as the shoes as a whole.

When you have a full-length black + nude, overall is adding some bright colors when ladies styles, revealing a pink bud stockings cute and playful. Both pink and black and white are a good fit, in accordance with your shoe color uniform color choices!

"Flat Sandals + color socks"

The coming of spring, want to wear sandals, but some early? A pair of socks can enhance the sense of warmth and can sell quietly sprouting, age effect is very good, fast feeling to wear it!