Sunday, February 8, 2015

Korean stars a week's Street style exotic girls model!

[Abstract] Han Street compared with Europe, no matter from which perspective are more suited to Asians, particularly represented by SNSD and t-ARA girl idol groups of street photography, seldom gaudy, easy to learn and brim had forced style!

Fur jackets and chiffon skirt mix and cut fur expensive gas, more girls light, plus a pair of over the knee boots, our modern maidens sparkling sweet!

Long wool coat in winter, and warmth of a camel Turtleneck combination, exotic accent; black pencil pants and thick-soled boots and Martin the Visual effect of the combination of elongated legs, modern look rejuvenated.

Baolan than young, vigorous, as puzhiyan from the coat with high collar sweater looks elegant and restrained, Lok Fu shoes worn with skinny jeans revealing a bit of ankle also have elongated lower body proportions of Visual effects.

This winter, the high wool jacket is very popular, with skinny jeans and sneakers shoes or funky platform shoes is a good winter LOOK!