Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dressing table: Valentino Rainbow dress

[Abstract] the overbearing fan ye of the recent tender fairy skirt shapes occupy the fashion pages of headlines from time to time, to look at dresses Valentino released in 2015 in a rainbow dress on her body what results?

Pretty invincible fan ye on several occasions to cool and luxurious world of red carpet fabulous, Goddess special is that you can easily switch between the adorable sister and ruhuasiyu from Valentino variety of flowers to beautiful eyes in a rainbow dress was she opened girls line of cutlery. Look around, and interpretation of the series of foreign beauties who are more your heart?

Fan ye Valentino 2015 spring 1973 series Rainbow skirts-blue waterproof fish mouth high heels, combing braided hair, tight collars with bows as decoration, pure and perfect inverse image of age. Nicky Hilton (Nicholai Hilton) in attending Valentino's fashion shows are also chosen with the color stripe windbreaker series, and rivets, rivet clutch bag in red and blue with the brand pointy heels. Full of expensive gas and charming is pretty cute.

Roberta, Kiernan Shipka on the red carpet in Hollywood is also in the same series prints the Rainbow skirt, sprouting pisses table.

In fact, this isn't the first time fan ye choose the brand Rainbow dress, in the publicity for the later period, a rainbow stripe short dresses and wearing long hair or four beautiful.

Have to say, this Rainbow is Valentino brought the opposite direction, a new series of "otherness", who excelled in making real girls dress, the overall style is very classy, luxurious, elegant, luxurious, with a thick Italy Roman noble feeling, rainbow series is more focused on interesting and full of expression.